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Within just a few days (sometimes even immediately) after receiving Botox® treatment, you will develop a younger, more relaxed appearance. Your friends and coworkers will start to notice just how great you look, but they’ll never know what your secret is.

At Laser Esthetica, you’ll receive softer, more natural looking Botox treatments. In experienced hands such as Dr. Prasad’s, the results of this minimally-invasive therapy are predictably wonderful. As a licensed physician, Dr. Prasad has an eye for what’s going on beneath the skin and knows exactly where to administer treatment to make the worst wrinkles disappear while keeping her patients looking like themselves, only younger.

“Everyone is doing injections these days, for that youthful look, and I have had them all! However, I have found that Dr. Prasad is an 'Artist' and takes her time to give one that perfect look. I intend to continue with Dr. Prasad to stay as young as possible…for as long as possible.”



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