I am a female in my early 60s. When I was young I had very thick curly hair. Unfortunately, I started to experience hereditary hair loss in my late 20s and early 30s. At first a lot of my hair came out in a spray and then it gradually thinned over time. In 2016 I happened to catch an episode of Dr. Oz that featured hair loss treatments, especially for women. PRP was one of the treatments featured and I wanted to learn more about it. I found Dr. Prasad online and scheduled a consultation. She recommended that I try PRP. I scheduled my first treatment for November 2016. It is now May 2019 and I have received a total of six treatments. PRP has made a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels. The results are even better than I hoped for or expected. My hair is fuller and healthier than it has been in years. I plan to continue with twice a year PRP treatment with Dr. Prasad. Dr. Prasad and her staff are amazing. They make you feel completely comfortable and treat you like a friend.