Being a professional musician and actor, and onstage almost all the time, I was beginning to be more and more self-conscious about my ever increasing thinning hair and hair loss. After all, how many hats can one wear? After researching several other hair replacement options, I decided on the NEO-GRAFT procedure, and called Dr. Prasad’s office. All the aspects of the procedure and the recuperation time were explained in a very understandable manner. The different styles and types of hair transplant procedures were explained and shown to me through numerous pictures, and I was able to make the determination that the NEO-GRAFT procedure would be the best thing for me in the long run in terms of not only aesthetics, but in recuperation time. This was a concern to me because I have to be on stage almost every week and did not want to take too much time off. The down time due to recuperation was only one concern. One of the major issues that kept me from investigating hair transplants was the cost. But I have to say that the cost is outweighed by the fact that I have so much more confidence on stage now, and I feel my career as an entertainer has been extended by more than several years. The results I have achieved are nothing short of amazing. Very natural look to my hairline, as well as the way my hair lays and combs. Since my procedure I have had several shows that required many different hairstyles and haircuts, and it has not been a problem to date. I am able to style my hair anyway I need. My overall experience with Dr. Prasad and the NEO-GRAFT team was wonderful. From the 1st office visit all the way through checkups It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Prasad’s office. The team that performed the procedure from Atlanta was extremely nice, friendly, professional, and most importantly calm and reassuring throughout the procedure. The procedure itself was relatively painless and the recuperation process the same. Much less than I had anticipated. All in all I couldn’t have asked for the entire affair to have gone more smoothly. If you or a loved one are contemplating this procedure, I would highly recommend Dr. Prasad and her team. You will be met by a highly professional, friendly staff and a highly trained team of artisans who will perform your procedure. In my opinion the NEO-GRAFT procedure far exceeds all of the old-style strip procedures in aesthetic value and recuperation time. If and when I need another hair transplant procedure I would not hesitate to call Dr. Prasad’s office again!