What Is FotoFacial™?

FotoFacial™ is a favored treatment for reducing the signs of sun damage, affecting the overall skin rejuvenation, and minimizing irregular pigmentation and facial redness due to rosacea. This procedure is non-invasive, and its effective reputation has made it one of the most requested procedures in the United States. FotoFacial treatments can be performed on the face, neck, hands and body.

What Technologies Are Available For FotoFacial?

Laser Esthetica uses the Alma AFT handpiece to get the best results with a minimum amount of pain and discomfort.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

Treatments are done in a series over a period of weeks. Improvement is gradual and will become more apparent after each treatment.

How Do You Achieve The Best Results?

At Laser Esthetica, we recommend scheduling your FotoFacial in conjunction with crafting a custom skin care regimen for maximum results and long-term benefits.

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