During laser therapy, a concentrated beam of light is used to heat up the dermal tissue, boosting the body’s collagen production. This structural protein is critical for skin cell turnover, helping patients achieve a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance thanks to healthier, firmer skin.

Age-Defying Laser Therapy in Sacramento

Led by Nalini G. Prasad, MD, for over 20 years, Laser Esthetica was the first clinic in Roseville to be solely dedicated to skin and laser therapy. With multiple fractional resurfacing and intense pulsed light (IPL) lasers, we are fully equipped to treat a wide variety of cosmetic concerns, including tattoo removal, capillaries, hair removal, sun damage, and, of course, aging skin.

What Are the Telltale Signs of Aging Skin?

As we get older, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, often becoming dry and loose and starting to sag, such as with wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, it’s not uncommon to experience issues with hyperpigmentation, including liver spots and sun spots.  

How Does Fractional Resurfacing Work for Younger Looking Skin?

Fractional laser resurfacing is frequently performed for all of these symptoms, in addition to acne scars, surgery and injury scars, superficial lesions, and more. With our CO2 or Erbium device, laser energy is carefully applied to these blemishes, stimulating collagen production for younger looking skin.

The idea behind fractional laser treatments is to target the skin in a honeycomb pattern, leaving thin sections of untreated dermal tissue between the treated areas. The unaffected tissue assists in the healing of the adjacent sections, allowing for much faster results compared to full-surface treatments.

How Does IPL Help Improve Skin Appearance?

With intense pulsed light therapy, we can significantly reduce or outright eliminate sun spots and liver spots, as well as freckles and redness from rosacea. With devices like FotoFacial™, we are able to target a specific color with multiple wavelengths of pulsating light, enabling us to treat these pigmentation concerns without damaging the surrounding skin.

How Old Do I Have to Be for Anti-Aging Laser Therapy?

The more obvious signs of aging (wrinkles and lines) tend to accelerate in our 40s and 50s. However, it’s essential to seek treatment before these symptoms advance to a point where non-surgical procedures are no longer effective.

Laser therapy can be extremely beneficial as a preventative treatment in your 30s, when aging symptoms are still relatively minor. However, the rate of skin health deterioration greatly varies from patient to patient.

How Long Can I Enjoy My Newer Skin?

Once the recovery process is complete, patients typically enjoy their more vibrant, smoother skin for years. We cannot stop the aging process indefinitely, but laser therapy is among the most powerful non-surgical anti-aging procedures on the market.

Learn More About Laser Therapy for Youthfulness

If you’re interested in our laser treatments and how they might help you turn back the clock on your appearance, Dr. Prasad or one of our professional laser experts would love to meet with you to evaluate your candidacy. We’ll take the time to patiently listen to your concerns, as well as study your medical history and past treatments. To schedule your initial consultation, contact Laser Esthetica today!