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“Courtesy, privacy, efficiency, value and outstanding care” one

I’ve been a client of Dr. Prasad for nearly 10 years, and not once have I felt disappointed with the level of professional care and quality of service I’ve received. In fact, just the opposite. Dr. Prasad and each and every member of Dr. Prasad’s staff makes you feel that you have their undivided attention, and that you care is of utmost importance. Courtesy, privacy, efficiency, value and outstanding care are the hallmarks of this office. Simply the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience, and sad beyond words that we are leaving the state, as Dr. Prasad, Debbie and others in the office will be sorely missed.


“We are happier, closer and more fulfilled than ever” one

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Prasad for her expert guidance in rejuvenating my sex life. I should say, mine and my wife’s sex life. At 73 years of age, I had just about given up following a series of frustrating sexual encounters for my wife and myself due to what I thought was erectile dysfunction. Even Viagra wasn’t working anymore. Now my wife and I are enjoying great sex once again and are experience deeper intimacy and loving connection as well.

Dr. Prasad’s multi-faceted approach has worked wonders. At first, I though it was all about GAINSWave technology, which uses high frequency, low intensity sound wave stimulation to increase blood flow to the penis. I have no doubt that GAINSWave played a part. Equally important for us was the coaching and counseling we received to change our limited way of thinking about sex, love and intimacy.

My wife attended all 12 of my treatments so we could benefit from Dr. Prasad’s impressive toolkit of exercises and inquiry questions. We had homework after every treatment. To our credit we took our assignments seriously and wound up enjoying the entire process. As a result, we are happier, closer and more fulfilled than ever.

I can’t recommend Dr. Prasad any more highly.


“They make you feel completely comfortable” one

I am a female in my early 60s. When I was young I had very thick curly hair. Unfortunately, I started to experience hereditary hair loss in my late 20s and early 30s. At first a lot of my hair came out in a spray and then it gradually thinned over time. In 2016 I happened to catch an episode of Dr. Oz that featured hair loss treatments, especially for women. PRP was one of the treatments featured and I wanted to learn more about it. I found Dr. Prasad online and scheduled a consultation. She recommended that I try PRP. I scheduled my first treatment for November 2016. It is now May 2019 and I have received a total of six treatments. PRP has made a huge difference in the way my hair looks and feels. The results are even better than I hoped for or expected. My hair is fuller and healthier than it has been in years. I plan to continue with twice a year PRP treatment with Dr. Prasad. Dr. Prasad and her staff are amazing. They make you feel completely comfortable and treat you like a friend.


“Thank you so much Dr. Prasad” one

I’ve dealt with sweat overload in my armpits my whole life, to the point where I could only wear black shirts. Going into this procedure I had no idea what to expect. Dr. Prasad walked me step by step in what was going to happen. The procedure was literally almost pain free and now I am sweat free from my armpit area. Thank you so much Dr. Prasad and the rest of your staff for making everything go smooth!!!


“I highly recommend Dr. Prasad” one

I’m a patient of Dr. Prasad’s and have been so happy with the results of my Sculptra treatment. I’ve noticed I look less tired and younger. I highly recommend Dr. Prasad


“The exterior re-shaping and tightening is immediate” one

The Viveve treatment is quite extraordinary. The exterior re-shaping and tightening is immediate, but the exterior skin does loosen again after a few weeks. The interior benefits are longer lasting, like the muscle control and the elimination of dryness. It’s an expensive treatment but worth every penny.


“The treatment was comfortable” one

Well, I did not have a problem with excessive sweating. I wanted the treatment because I had that slight underarm odor which necessitated deodorants on a regular basis – not enough for others to notice but enough for me to notice. I have to say that I am thrilled and sorry that I did not do the treatment earlier.

The treatment was comfortable with the anesthesia technique that Summer and Dr. Prasad use. I had some mild discomfort during the recovery time. But it was truly worth it because I have not used any deodorants since the day I had my treatment – one less chemical in contact with my body!!!


“I am very thankful to Dr. Prasad’s skill” one

I am a mother of four who had experienced the unpleasant effects of vaginal laxity. As a healthcare worker, I did research on what the market had to offer as well as consulted with Dr. Prasad. We both agreed Viveve would the best option and I have been very happy with that decision. Soon after the treatment, I immediately noticed tissue firmness around my vaginal area and have noticed that symptoms leading to urinary incontinence have disappeared. I am very thankful to Dr. Prasad’s skill and to this effective treatment.


“I am happy to say I have had great results” one

I was unhappy because my lack of hair was making me appear much older than my actual age… Prior to Dr. Prasad doing a comprehensive hair and scalp evaluation, I had assumed that I did not have enough donor hair to qualify as a candidate for hair transplant. I am happy to say I have had great results, much better than I ever expected possible. Thanks to Dr. Prasad and her team, I am looking younger! I highly recommend them because it works and the recovery is fast!


“She performs 100% of the procedures” one

I had my last laser treatment today for the removal of a tattoo. Dr. Prasad was the clear choice for this procedure. Her knowledge about lasers and how to effectively remove ALL colors made her a standout. Most important is that she performs 100% of the procedures. Not a technician like her competitors. The result? Perfection, no burns or scaring. Her staff is warm and courteous. A truly life changing positive experience. – Tattoo Removal


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