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Excessive Sweating & Odor Reduction MiraDry®

End the nuisance and embarrassment of Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis Treatment SacramentoHyperhidrosis is a condition in which natural perspiration is considered excessive. An estimated two to three percent of Americans suffer from excessive sweating of the underarms, called axillary hyperhidrosis or the palms and soles of the feet, called palmoplantar hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating can be generalized or found in specific areas of the body, Regardless of the symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, they can be a huge source of embarrassment for many people. This sweating can be independent of temperature or emotional state and can be associated with odor. Excessive sweating often starts during adolescence and can sometimes be a catalyst for anxiety.

What is Hyperhidrosis

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, excessive sweating is divided into two categories, Primary Focal and Secondary Generalized. The difference is important as Primary Focal hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating that is not caused by another medical condition or due to side effects of some medications. This type of hyperhidrosis is a medical condition. People with hyperhidrosis may experience excessive seating on more than one area of their body.

“I’ve dealt with sweat overload in my armpits my whole life, to the point where I could only wear black shirts. Going into this procedure I had no idea what to expect. Dr. Prasad walked me step by step in what was going to happen. The procedure was literally almost pain free and now I am sweat free from my armpit area. Thank you so much Dr. Prasad and the rest of your staff for making everything go smooth!!!”

– A.R.

Secondary Generalized hyperhidrosis is caused by another medical condition or due to the side effect of a medication. Another distinction is that people with secondary hyperhidrosis often exhibit excessive sweating while sleeping.

Symptoms and concerns of people with hyperhidrosis include:

  • Excessive sweat on both sides of the body.
  • Episodes of excessive sweating occurs at least one episode a week.
  • Episodes of excessive sweating started earlier than age 25.
  • Positive family history.
  • Excessive sweating impacts activities.
  • Excessive sweating stops while sleeping.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nalini Prasad to help you determine what type of hyperhidrosis you have and her recommendation for treatment.

  • What are some ways to treat Excessive Sweating?

    People use a variety of non-medical and medical products to treat hyperhidrosis. Dr. Nalini Prasad sees patients who have tried and often failed with the following non-surgical treatments:

    • Oftentimes underarm sweating is treated with aluminum chloride deodorants (like Drysol), but they are known to cause irritation and are not very effective.
    • Antidepressants can sometimes be used to decrease anxiety related with excessive sweating, but this does not fix the problem itself.
    • Anticholinergic drugs, like Ditropan, can be used, but usually have other side effects such as dry mouth and blurred vision.
    • Iontophoresis is a treatment used for excessive sweating but it requires daily to weekly sessions to be effective, which is not practical for most people as it is very time consuming.
      Botox for Hyperhidrosis Treatment Sacramento

    • BOTOX® is now FDA-approved for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis, and is used off label for treating the palms and the soles of the feet. (Offered by Dr. Prasad at Laser Esthetica). See below: How Does BOTOX® Work to Stop Excessive Sweating?)
      miraDry® for Hyperhidrosis Treatment Sacramento

    • miraDry® is an FDA-approved system that delivers precisely controlled energy to the sweat glands, reducing them non-invasively. Because the sweat glands do not come back or regenerate after treatment, the results are long lasting. This treatment is used for underarm sweating and will also reduce the amount of odor and decrease underarm hair. (Offered by Dr. Prasad at Laser Esthetica)

    In the more extreme cases, surgery is used where the sympathetic nerves in the chest are destroyed by a neurosurgeon, but this method is problematic even aside from the risks of surgery and anesthesia. Though axillary (underarm) sweating can be decreased, surgery can cause a compensatory increase in sweating in other parts of the body.

  • How does BOTOX® work to stop Excessive Sweating?

    YBOTOX® works by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. By not receiving signals, the glands stop producing sweat. Results from BOTOX® treatment last between six and nine months.*

  • What can I expect during and after the treatment?

    Your specialist may first perform an iodine starch test to look at the area where most of the sweating is occurring. Then, a very fine needle is used to inject small amounts of BOTOX® into the skin in a grid fashion, near the sweat glands. Within a week, the amount of perspiration should greatly decrease.*

  • How does the miraDry® treatment work?

    First the underarm is anesthetized with a local anesthetic (Lidocaine). A grid is applied to the underarm which is used for placement of the handpiece. miraDry®, which is a weak microwave procedure, is used to treat the underarm. After the procedure, icepacks are applied because there may be some mild swelling of the area. Within a few weeks, there is marked reduction of the amount of sweating/odor in the underarm. A patient may require anywhere from 1-3 procedures.* Unlike BOTOX® injections, the results of this treatment are lasting.

If you suffer from excessive sweating and odor, contact Laser Esthetica to schedule a consultation to diagnosis and treat your hyperhidrosis. Call our office today at (916)783-0580.



*Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Nalini Prasad to see if you are a good candidate.


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    *Individual results may vary. Consult with Dr. Nalini Prasad to see if you are a good candidate.