What is BioTe?

Have you woken up in the morning feeling a sense of “brain fog”, realized that you have decreased libido and low energy and the pounds are increasing yearly? Have you also wondered if your hormones need to be checked? BHRT or bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy is the field of medicine where the important hormones of the body are not only replaced but also optimized for creating a renewed sense of well-being. Many studies have shown repeatedly that as we age into our 40s and 50s, we slow down the production of our major hormones. This decrease in hormone levels upsets the balance in our bodies and causes sleep abnormalities, sexual dysfunction, muscle loss and weight gain, mood changes, memory loss and skin and hair changes.


Specific symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men include low energy, inability to sleep, weight gain, brain fog, inability to maintain muscle mass, anxiety and acne. By replacing your testosterone level, men will find that within 2-3 weeks, they start to feel more energetic, have a higher libido and if they incorporate exercise into their weekly practice they begin having a more fit body.


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