Laser treatments have always been one of the top cosmetic procedures today. Patients prefer the precision of laser procedures in achieving their desired aesthetic results. This and the number of benefits laser treatments provide make them a sought-after procedure in the cosmetic industry. 

Here at Laser Esthetica in Roseville, Sacramento, we combine laser treatments with other cosmetic procedures to produce optimal aesthetic results. Our personalized treatment plans combine laser treatments with procedures such as injectables, facelifts, and peels.


Laser treatments are non-invasive alternatives that treat the common signs of aging and known conditions. Tattoo removal also uses laser technology to eliminate the appearance of unwanted tattoos. Laser treatment is also a suitable hair removal solution for people who prefer flawless skin. 

Additionally, these have minimal downtime and do not require incisions. All laser treatments address the area without damaging the surrounding skin. The results produced by laser treatments satisfy our clients after every session.


Cosmetic procedures can produce great results. However, it cannot measure up to the effect of combining two appropriate cosmetic procedures, which can be more efficient instead of plotting each treatment out across your calendar. It is the science behind offering personalized treatment plans that combine laser treatments with other cosmetic procedures.

Here are three combinations that help you achieve your goals faster.

Combo 1: Laser and Injectables

Laser skin resurfacing is a laser treatment that treats skin issues, including sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and acne scars. You can pair this up with injectables.

For example, dermal fillers can also treat facial lines, acne scars, and volume loss. Meanwhile, Botox injections can address dynamic wrinkles like forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. When combining laser treatment with any of these two treatments, the result is a facial skin rejuvenation far superior to the results with only one of these procedures.

Combo 2: Laser and Facelifts

We perform facelifts when dermal fillers can no longer produce significant skin rejuvenation in the facial area. The facelift procedure can lift the cheeks and jowls and remove excess skin for firmer and younger-looking skin. 

However, certain facial areas around the mouth, nose, and forehead will still have visible wrinkles. Laser treatment can address this issue. By combining facelifts with laser treatments, we can provide a comprehensive facial skin rejuvenation treatment for our patients.

Combo 3: Laser and Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are non-invasive treatments used to exfoliate the top skin layer. Peels can effectively remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin cells. Once we remove the dead skin cells, the treatment area has the ideal condition to maximize the results of the laser treatment. 

These combinations ensure that we’ve addressed most, if not all, your skin concerns.


Laser treatments are excellent on their own. However, the synergy between these and other cosmetic procedures can bring superb aesthetic results if combined appropriately. Our medical team at Laser Esthetica is highly capable of designing personalized treatment according to the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Ready to experience the power of synergy? Laser Esthetica is your ideal destination. Our laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures are of the highest standards using the latest innovations. Contact us today to book an appointment!