As we age, skin loses its elasticity, giving it more of a sagging appearance. If you struggle with sagging skin, you are not alone. Over 325,000 Americans received some form of non-surgical laser assisting skin tightening in 2018 according to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report. SkinTyte by Sciton Lasers is just that treatment, and we use the laser here at Laser Esthetica.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for SkinTyte?

It’s important to note that SkinTyte is not a replacement for a full surgical facelift or neck lift. The goal of laser skin tightening is to noticeably improve the tightness, firmness, and overall appearance of your skin, but do not replace the results of surgery. Although SkinTyte is not a full-face lift, it has preventative benefits, and when done consistently, may offset the need for a facelift in the future.

What will my results look like? How long will they last?

Most patients love how they look immediately after treatment because your skin’s circulation will be increased and your skin will glow! You’ll have a nice, firm, and tight feeling for a few days which leads many patients to schedule their laser skin tightening around special events.

Dr. Prasad will assess your skin and advise on how many treatments are recommended for more impactful results. Your results can last many years, but we encourage patients to maintain their skin’s firmness, tightness, and overall youthfulness by visiting as recommended to maintain results.

Do you love the idea of tighter, firmer, more youthful skin but don’t want to deal with any downtime? SkinTyte may be perfect for you! Schedule a consultation at Laser Esthetica to discuss your options: 916-783-0580.