Conditions – Facial Capillaries


If you look in the mirror and see networks of small, red or bluish lines under your skin, you are looking at blood vessels called facial capillaries. They are commonly seen around the nose area that may look like small spider-shaped bursts or dots of red color. Although they are not medical emergencies, many of our patients would prefer to be rid of these distractions on their face.

What Are Facial Capillaries?

Facial capillaries are visible blood vessels on your face.

What Treatments Are Available To Treat Facial Spider Veins?

Our latest laser is the DioLite laser that is specifically designed to remove spider veins, age spots and freckles.

How Does DioLite Work?

The DioLite laser generates an intense beam of light that is absorbed by the red blood cells in vascular lesions and spider veins. The laser heats up these cells and destroys them while leaving healthy cells intact. This laser allows treatment to a specific area to be tightly targeted.

What Is Another Method Of Treatment For Facial Capillaries?

Fotofacial is another method for treating facial capillaries that uses intense pulsed light and radio frequency energy. The treatment itself is gentle and discomfort is minimal.

Treatment options will depend on the nature and severity of the capillaries and spider veins of the individual and will be determined during your consultation at Laser Esthetica. Call (916) 783-0580 today to schedule your personalized consultation.

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