Stretch Marks


What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are parallel lines that form on the skin when individuals have fast growth spurts. They can be whitish or reddish purple in color and usually glossy in appearance.

Skin is normally made up of 80% collagen and 5% elastin with the rest of it being blood vessels and other cells. Elastin cells are the ones that give elasticity to the skin. When there is rapid skin growth, these cells are stretched out so fast that they are damaged and leave scars or stretch marks. The body will often resolve stretch marks from pregnancy, usually to the point that they disappear. However, occasionally, that healing does not happen and the individual can be left with stretch marks.

How Do You Treat Red Stretch Marks?

The most effective way to decrease the color in red scars is with the use of the IPL. At Laser Esthetica, we employ the Sciton BBL to reduce much of the redness that occurs. Also using the SkinTyte feature, we can contract the skin, alleviating some of the tension in the skin.

How Do You Treat White Stretch Marks?

For white stretch marks we are now using the Sciton Fractional Resurfacing laser. This laser makes small punctures in the skin (imagine aerating a lawn). As the repair underneath occurs there is increased collagen and thickening of the skin.

If you are challenged with stretch marks, schedule a consultation at Laser Esthetica to see if you are a proper candidate for these procedures. Call (916) 783-0580.

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