Sun Damage / Brown Spots


What Are Brown Spots And Sun Damage?

Fine lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and age spots can all be provoked by sun damage. Other factors such as hormones, medications and genetics may also contribute to skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

What Treatments Are Available For Sun Damage And Brown Spots?

Fotofacial (IPL) treatments have become a very popular treatment for sun damage, brown spots and skin discoloration and have shown improvement by 50-75%. Improvement is usually seen within the first treatment, however a series of treatments is recommended for best results.

Other effective treatments include microdermabrasion or treatment with the DioLite laser. The course of treatment will be dependent on your skin’s condition, type and your treatment goals.

There is also a variety of specially formulated skin care products available to help maintain and repair sun damaged skin.

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