Hair Transplants: What to Expect

Like most cosmetic procedures, hair transplant is a very personal, private experience. The procedure is more advanced than ever, and there’s more information available to potential patients. Here are three things anyone who is interested in getting a hair transplant needs to know, whether you are looking to move forward with it as a hair-loss solution or you’re simply curious about the procedure.

  1. Hair transplants are not just for men.

Hair transplants are typically associated with men seeking a remedy for male-pattern hair loss, but the number of women looking to the procedure has been on the rise. Transplanting healthy hair follicles to a woman’s scalp can have a great cosmetic improvement for those with thinning hair. 

  1. There are two ways to harvest healthy hair follicles.

The goal of increased hair density is the same, but there are two different methods for achieving a successful hair transplant:

FUT Method

The FUT or “strip” method involves removing a sliver of skin which is placed under surgical microscopes and dissected to separate individual grafts. It has been the traditional method for the past 20-30 years. Hair grafts are taken from the “permanent” donor zone so they are genetically programmed to not fall out as hair loss progresses. The scar from the strip procedure is very minimal and most patients do not find it objectionable.

FUE Method

Dr. Prasad performs the FUE method (because it is in higher demand) by extracting individual follicular grafts from the scalp. This leaves a less than 1mm diameter incision site that scabs up and heals well. Because not 100% of the hair is extracted, the surrounding hair grows out and the extraction sites are camouflaged.

Hair transplants can look completely natural — as long as you go to the right doctor.

Hair transplant candidates may be concerned about the conspicuousness of their results, but with a talented and qualified surgeon, your results will be natural-looking. When you’re looking for the solution to your hair loss, it is wise to seek out someone with extensive surgical hair transplant experience. Dr. Prasad’s medical training and experience, coupled with the expertise of her Hair Restoration Team, make Sacramento Hair Doctor a distinguished leader in the hair replacement and cosmetic enhancement industry. Nalini G. Prasad, MD has been a medical aesthetics doctor for more than 15 years and performs the most advanced techniques in hair restoration. She is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, and has trained with such notable hair surgeons as Dr. Matt Leavitt, Dr. Carlos Puig, and Dr. Sam Lam.

Ultimately, the decision to get a hair transplant is a personal one to be made between a patient and a qualified doctor, and that decision should be both well-informed and made without any shame or embarrassment.

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