My hair was really thin in the front. I noticed it more than others so it seemed like the right time to do something instead of waiting until it was really noticeably thin. Best decision I ever made. I called Dr. Prasad because I was absolutely interested in finding the most experienced and qualified doctor to do the procedure. I also had to decide if I wanted the Strip Method or the NeoGraft. I definitely made the right choice. My results have been absolutely incredible!! Not one soul noticed the process, my hair grew in fantastic in the thin area. The hairline is no natural. I couldn’t be happier. I owe my experience to Dr. Prasad and her whole team. They make you feel like an old friend or even family. Very warm and caring and very reassuring at all times. The process was almost painless during the procedure as well. I would absolutely recommend them. Best doctor and best decision I have ever made. Dr. Prasad and the people assisting, I truly believe are the very best in the field of hair restoration there is. I don’t do anything without a ton of research and I am confident they are the best in their field. I can’t believe the results and how great it is to have a full head of hair again. Don’t wait! Call for an appointment, get it done now. You will not regret one second, Dr. Prasad and her team are the very best.