My story of meeting Dr. Prasad began about 9 years ago when i was preparing for a very significant family event, the marriage of my daughter. This was a day that I wanted to look my best being remembered by upcoming generations in the best light possible. When I consulted with Dr. Prasad, the products available were much less sophisticated than what we all now have and use happily. With my first treatment, Dr. Prasad took 10 years off my face. I left her office feeling very good about myself and the upcoming event. I have continued to see her and utilize the more sophisticated compounds that are now on the market and love the results. What makes Dr. Prasad and Laser Esthetica rise above other places that may offer the same products? Dr. Prasad’s artistry and common sense allows a person to obtain the best possible correction without looking fake. In all the years I have utilized these amazing products I also love that I have a true beauty consultant in Dr. Prasad’s wisdom in how she applies these products. I never have a worry that I will leave looking less than naturally beautiful due to her wisdom. Thank you for all the joy and confidence that I have gained and live with daily due to the personalized attention and artistry that is applied to not only my physical beauty but my heart. – Dermal Fillers